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Your Guide to Christmas & Holiday Gifting | by Egoteest

Gift Guide Holiday Season

Egoteest: Beard Season - SweatshirtWith the holiday season approaching, we are all beginning to look for the perfect gifts. And oh my, it can be so frustrating! Parents, kids, siblings, nieces, nephews, aunts and uncles: they all deserve a fun little something to make this season special. Just an FYI, hoodies and t-shirts always make the perfect gift. At Egoteest, you can find funny, creative, designer shirts that will make you “that cool relative that always gives great presents.” From soft tees with witty slogans, to warm, fuzzy hoodies with fun graphics, our works are guaranteed to put a smile even on your grumpy uncle’s face. From kid to adult, from small to extra-extra-extra… large; endless possibilities, variety of colors and designs: Egoteest has it all. Let your imagination thrive and run wild when you visit our online fashion portal.

Egoteest: Have Yourself a Merry Little Xmas | Sweatshirt

Make your friends and family stylish by surprising them with personalized tees and sweatshirts that show just how much you love them. Oh, and while you’re at it, pick up a little something for yourself. You deserve it. And this Black Friday, if your bundle of joy is over $50, shipping is on us. Now that’s a treat! Seriously, it’s so easy. You can finally avoid getting your car scratched up in the crowded parking lot of some mall on Black Friday. All you have to do is go online, type www.egoteest.com and pretend you’re Mr. Santa. You’ll get a good laugh while you shop, too. Our collection of funny tees will blow your socks off. So yeah, make sure you’re not in the office because you WILL be making weird whale noises. Yes, we are that hilarious. Before you know it, your cart will be overflowing with the most wonderfully creative presents. Happiness is just one click away.

By the time the holidays come around, you have a present for every relative you could possibly bump into at a festive get-together. Seriously, reindeer sweaters are not cool anymore. Be trendy. Get you, and your friends and family some designer, funny, sarcastic shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies. Everyone will be jealous of all the attention your gifts get. Kill that feeling. Tell people about Egoteest and save them from stressing out over presents. You know, our products are great for every occasion, not just Christmas and New Year’s.

Egoteest: The Grand Mother, The Godfather Parody T shirtEgoteest: The Big Brother Cannbis, The Godfather Parody T shirt

We also carry shirts for every personality, taste, and mood. Sarcastic, witty, fun and colorful styles that are great all year around. Friend’s birthday and you need a gift? No worries. Egoteest has got you covered. We save you the hassle of long shopping trips so you can channel your energy toward something else, whatever your dreams might be.

Egoteest: My Beard is Faster Than My Razor - HoodieEgoteest: Mike - Nike Parody Shirt

But yes, get your gifts early so you’re not stuck buying junky ones the day before the holiday. And remember, a shirt is a small, but mighty gift. It’s the small things that count. And isn’t that what the holidays are all about? They’re about giving and receiving. You give a shirt or a tee, and receive pure, innocent happiness. That’s what keeps the heart warm. Happy holidays!


- Egoteest




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