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Great Gifts for Everyone. The Godfather Parody Shirts by Egoteest.

Egoteest Give a Shirt The Beer Lover The Godfather Parody Shirts

So you still don’t have presents for your loved ones. You’ve missed black Friday, or simply didn’t find anything amazing. You’re exhausted from all the shopping. None of the stuff you got perfectly suits the receiver. You’re ready to give up. You’ve picked up like a dozen gift cards to strange places. Not what you hoped would happen but at least it’s something. Well, this year that won’t cut it because Egoteest is here to help you. Egoteest’s has a variety of carefully designed tees and sweatshirts for everyone. With the collections constantly expanding, you are sure to find something perfect and amazing.

Remember that weird distant uncle who always speaks in The Godfather quotes? Well, you can make him happy this year. Our line of The Godfather Parody shirts, suits every personality and profession. Your uncle won’t be the only one obsessing over the design. Get your big brother one as well... Or any other relative: Mother, Father, Daughter, Brother, Grandparents, Parents in Law… as well as Firefighters, Freelancers, Truck Drivers, Beer Lovers, and others will have a shirt or hoodie that perfectly suits them.

If the design you desire is not already present in our assortment, please let us know in the contact form and we will make your dreams come true by customizing a product at no extra cost to you.

Now a day, our world is extremely diverse. We are surrounded by different yet fantastic people. Even your crazy cat-lady friend, from a baking class you take on Wednesdays, is wonderful in her own way. Or your pot-head neighbor who always guards your packages for you so they don’t get stolen while you’re work. Why not make those people happy as well? They too, deserve something special this holiday season. Go to Egoteest’s website and purchase a small, but meaningfully warm gift. You’ll always encounter deals and brand new designs posted.

Egoteest: The Godfather Parody T-shirt

Seriously, we have so many designs that we constantly keep updating! From PG rated prints to one’s that are not so appropriate, there is so much to choose from. On our website you’ll find the perfect tee even for your children! Designs concerning current events and most up to date memes, will brighten up your daily, boring life. We are always on top of our game, and our main goal is to make our customers happy and stylish.

So to sum things up, at Egoteest, we are a group of super creative and wild individuals who come together to form a cohesive team. All contribute their amazing ideas and only the most outstanding ones are brought to life. A wide variety of original designs are available to all our customers and give them the opportunity to find the perfect gift. And what makes a perfect gift? Something meaningful, that’s what it is. Well, let us make your day by telling you once again, that we carry tees and hoodies for everyone in you family and every single one of your friends!

With the holidays coming up, Egoteest is happy to offer free shipping on your orders of $50 or more! Now that’s one less thing you have to worry about this winter!



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