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Famous Art Collection by Egoteest

All-over print t-shirt Classic Art Famous Paintings on Shirts Leonardo Mona Lisa Van Gogh

Hello, Artists and Enthusiasts!

We have created a Special Collection just for you!
You can now display your love and knowledge of classical artworks right on your chest. Mona Lisa? Who said you have to go to Paris to see it up close? Well, even there, you won’t be able to get too close to the painting. But, with the new Egoteest Collection of Classic Art, you can proudly sport Mona Lisa on your shirt. Yes, it’s not the Louvre one, but you can still play the eye game with her, where she watches your every move. And hey, much cheaper than a ticket to France!
Classic Art on Shirts Collection by Egoteest
Not a fan of Mona Lisa? No worries! From various unique designs, at least one will for sure satisfy the art-hungry individual. Girl with the Pearl Earring, The Sistine Madonna, Napoleon Bonaparte, works by Vincent Van Gogh, and many other paintings. 
Know an aspiring artist and want to motivate them? A shirt from the Egoteest Collection of Classic Art makes the perfect gift! Just a regular art admirer? Get yourself and your friends some wearable art! It’s not a tiny square on a shirt! It’s an all-over print!
The wearer of the shirt will be art themselves! Hey, is that not something we all strive to be? 





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